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About Body Language Spoken

Do You have the desire and wil to look good, shape up and feel great?

  • We will make that happen
  • We strive and treat all our clients on an individual basis

Mission Statement

  • Our Company's mission is to provide affordable and result-oriented fitness programs under the leadership of fitness czar 'Kevin Topka'
  • Our modern facility with diverse services meets the demand of clients with specific needs
  • The energetic and pleasant environment has been fostered to make exercising a joyful and rewarding experience

We Help Our Clients

  • Stay healthy
  • Breathe & sleep easier
  • Reduce body fat
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Strengthen weak muscles
  • Shed unwanted pounds & inches
  • Speed recovery from injury/surgery
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Reduce their cholesterol levels

New Client Specials

Free body fat analysis
Exclusive packages for group training
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Our Services

Nutrition Coaching

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Nutrition Coaching

Fat analysis

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Nutrition Coaching

Body Language Spoken

Located In The Briarwood Plaza, 26 Olney Street, Seekonk, MA

How To Contact Us

Gym:508-336-4587 | Fax: 508-336-0427 | Cell: 401-265-8671
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