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Nutrition Coaching

With Kevin Topka’s expertise you will learn:

  • – Proper food intake specifically designed for you based on your goals.
  • – Weight management strategies.
  • – Function and recommendations of Macro and Micronutrients
  • – How to reach your goal the NATURAL way without abusing supplements.
  • – How to maintain the body your worked hard for post competition
  • – How to make eating clean and healthy a lifestyle.
Nutrition Coaching



Body Fat Analysis

Body Fat Analysis

In addition to your customized workout training, Kevin analyses your body fat percentage and coaches you into bringing the percentage for optimal results. Throughout your entire training, your body fat is monitored to help you stay healthy while achieving optimal performance.

Additional Services

  • – Personal training
  • – Weight Loss/Wellness Programs
  • – Fitness Competition Training
  • – Nutrition Counseling
  • – Athletic Training
  • – Strength Training
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