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“My name is Ken Marcil, a resident of Seekonk. I have been training with Kevin Topka in his gym, Body Language Spoken, since 2007.   Kevin has been very helpful as a trainer to meet my exercise goals by educating me in strength training and nutrition.  Kevin helps me work through work related injuries and gets me back on my feet.   Kevin is keeping me active at age 51 allowing me to enjoy my favorite activities dancing, boating, and walking.  I have even lost weight with Kevin’s help.  Having Kevin as a personal trainer will put you at an advantage to reach your weight loss and exercise goals.”

“My name is Karen Cruso, Kevin Topka is a complete asset to the fitness community .. Not only do I look great .. I feel even better .. Kevin truly believed in me and helped me achieve my goals..with Kevin’s inspiration and dedication to his will get the results you are looking for!!!!”

“My name is Joe Filipe and I’m 55 years old. When I first met with Kevin Topka my percentage body fat was at 23%. With Kevin’s nutritional knowledge and training advice along with my determination, I was able to bring my body fat down to 12% with an 8 lb. muscle gain. I’m looking forward to my next goal, a lean 10% and I’m sure that he will get me there. Like Kevin says: “It’s how bad you want it.”

“My name is Kyle McCarthy and Im 27 years old. I’ve always been pretty lean and its hard for me to make gains in my body weight. I started working out @ World Gym when I was 20 with a buddy of mine who was into lifting weights.My goal was, and still is to put on lean muscle mass. While training one day I noticed this guy who was doing some stuff I had never seen before. Everything he did was strict, controlled form. He never slammed the weights, and I admired his approach to weight training. I figured out that he was a professional body builder by the name of Kevin Topka. Years later I wanted to step my game up and take my training to a new level. I had a meeting with Kevin and soon after he was training me. It was the best thing I did. He is very thorough with his diets and fitness routines. He has made me more disciplined and focused in the gym as well as life in general! I strongly recommend Kevin Topka.”

“BodyLanguageSpoken has improved our overall health tremendously! Blood pressure, weight, body fat and physical appearance has all improved. We are now “hooked” on a healthier lifestyle directly due to BLS!!!” Laurie & Darren Lopes.

“My name is Kathy Higginbotham, I was referred to Kevin approx 2 years ago to help strengthen my back,neck and core due to a car accident. Since my first session I have not only greatly improved but have had fun doing it. Kevin has also been willing to meet with me at 5am to accommodate my work schedule which has been great. He has made the whole process fun and gratifying.”

“My body, mind and spirit are at a better place since working with Kevin.” Karen Merritt

“I’m a Full time Mother , Wife and Employee , losing weight was never an option. I bought and tried everything, but never seen results. Being overweight impacted my life and made me feel uncomfortable. I wanted to show my family and friends that I could change to a healthier lifestyle and maybe inspire them to do the same. I saw Kevin’s ad for spinning and I thought ” Why not give it a try.” When I started , I was sweating profusely but I didn’t want to stop , it felt great to get my blood pumping. The energy in the class is so strong and up beat , the best part is that Kevin and the spinning instructors are there to help you and guide you, I also did the personal training with Kevin and he toned my body and also showed me how to eat the right way . I lost an overall weight loss of 46 pounds and still losing more. I encourage everyone to join this class , or any other class that Kevin offers, I promise you will feel fantastic about yourself and Kevin gives you the confidence you need.”
Julie Botelho

“I’m closing in on 50 and wanted to get back into shape. Kevin is aware of my goals and helps motivates me towards achieving them. Personally, it’s about tightening up the little muscles and working on the core.His approach has helped me a lot. I have recommended him to friends”. Scott Simmons

“I have been training with Kevin since August 2010, and immediately began feeling great about myself. I started off just training one hour a week, and immediately saw amazing results not only with my body, but in my self-confidence. In January 2011 I decided to start following Kevin’s customized nutrition plan, and first off let me tell you it was the best decision I have ever made, and worth every penny. In 9 weeks I went from 131.5 lbs to 126 lbs, but more importantly went from 25% body fat to 19% body fat. I can’t believe the results I have achieved by following his nutrition plan. I am not only feeling great about my body, but I have never had more energy and confidence in myself. Kevin is an amazing person, who truly wants to see you succeed in your fitness goals. I would recommend him to anyone!” -Kyla Krasnianski

“My name is Hemant Maini, when I started training with Kevin, he helped me to change my eating habits. I eat so much more healthy now and as a result have better muscle definition to show for it and I feel better.”
“The weight training helped me develop great definition and feel more powerful for my videos and for my photo shoots. I’ve gotten so many compliments from people in the music business and just friends and family.
“I had found it extremely difficult to gain muscle mass, but Kevin seems to be able to push me that extra bit that I needed to get the results I was looking for.

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