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Shauna (Crounse) Fontaine

My Wedding Story: I lost 40 pounds by my wedding day….

My name is Shauna (Crounse) Fontaine and when I first came to Kevin I was desperate. I was getting married in 6 months and at 5’10 I was pushing 200 pounds. My blood pressure was dangerously high and my doctor was about to put me on medication. I knew something needed to be done!
I began working out with Kevin once a week, followed his nutrition plan, and used spinning to accelerate my cardio workouts. After just one month, I already saw improvements in not only my weight but in my attitude on eating and exercising. Kevin made me feel so good about myself and I wanted more! After three months, I upped my workouts to twice a week! The results were amazing!

By my wedding, I had lost almost 40 pounds, had dropped ___% in body fat, and reduced my blood pressure to a consistent normal number so that I no longer needed medication. Kevin knew how important my goal was and my goal became “our” goal. What’s more significant is that as I am beginning married life, I am confident I can maintain my weight because everything Kevin taught me was not just for six months, it was for life.

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